The importance of improving the legal regulation of animal treatment in terms of preventing cruelty

Keywords: animal world, cruelty to animals, pets, animal classification, animal treatment, animal rights protection.


The subject of this article is a set of legal acts in Ukraine that regulate the general procedure and principles of animal treatment and the forms/methods of ensuring their welfare in the modern world. For a long time, the issues of protection and maintenance of normal conditions for the existence of the animal world have been somewhere “alongside” the need to regulate social relations, although everyone knows that the model of animal treatment is a prototype of a human behavioural algorithm in society.

The purpose of the article is to provide a general analysis of the essence and content of the regulatory provisions governing the process and procedure of animal treatment, with a view to further clarifying the forms and means of preventing such treatment. Achieving this goal requires solving a number of tasks, including: providing a general description of the regulatory framework for the existence of animals in modern Ukraine; developing a specific direction for improving the national legislation of Ukraine, the purpose of which should be to more effectively regulate human-animal relations in all areas, with the maximum possible exclusion of cruelty to animals.

The article presents arguments and draws conclusions on improving the classification of animals in national legislation and systematising regulations in this area, which should ultimately ensure normal conditions for the existence of animals in Ukraine. The issue of defining the concept of fauna in modern Ukraine is rather limited and does not correspond to the concept of modern interaction between humans and animals in many areas of public life.

In a state governed by the rule of law, all spheres of public life must be effectively regulated, which explains the need to consolidate all existing legal acts in Ukraine in the field of animal welfare and protection and bring them into line with international standards. This issue is extremely important precisely because humanity cannot exist without the animal world. Such improvements are aimed at clearly defining procedural algorithms for detecting, recording, preventing and suppressing cruelty to animals.


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Author Biography

V. S. Seliukov, Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs

Doctor of Law, Associate Professor.
Department of Police Activity and Public Administration (associate professor).


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