Ethics of Publications

The editorial board of the collection Bulletin of the Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs in its activities is guided by international principles of ethics of publications. In order to ensure high ethical and professional standards, the editors of the journal take appropriate measures to control publications.

All materials comply with the rules of the Ethics Committee in the publications of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the Principles of Transparency and Best Practices in Scientific Publishing.

Competitive Interests

Competitive interests is a conflict between the private interest and the formal responsibilities of a person (authors, reviewers, editors), which can affect the objectivity and impartiality of decision-making or the commission or failure to act in the exercise of their powers, as well as lead to negative consequences, including violations of ethical principles.

Reviewers may not review the work if there is a conflict of interest and must immediately notify the editorial board.

The editorial board has the right to refuse to publish the manuscript or to withdraw the publication if it is found that there was a conflict of interest during the preparation of the manuscript for publication.

Privacy Policy

The names and email addresses provided by users on the website of this magazine will be used exclusively for internal technical tasks of the magazine; they will not be distributed or passed on to third parties.

Consent to publication

Confirmed when submitting an article through the OJS platform.


The journal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Under this License, the author (s) may freely:

- distribute - copy and distribute the material in any form or format;

- change - remix, transform and take the material as a basis for any purpose, even commercial.

This is done under certain conditions.

Indication of authorship – You must indicate the author, place a link to the license and indicate whether changes have been made to the work. You can do so in any reasonable way, but so as not to give the impression that the licensor supports or endorses you or your use of the work.

Without Additional Restrictions – You may not impose additional conditions or apply technological remedies that restrict the rights of others to the actions permitted by the license.

 Publications Cost

Articles in the collection Bulletin of the Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs are published free of charge.