The National Police of Ukraine as an object to combat illegal migration

Keywords: combating illegal migration, National Police of Ukraine, powers, law enforcement agencies, Migration Police Department, national security.


The article describes the powers of the National Police of Ukraine to combat illegal migration. Since illegal migration is a negative phenomenon that requires a comprehensive, mutual and coordinated set of measures by all specially authorised actors in the field of combating illegal migration to prevent and counteract this process. The National Police of Ukraine, in our opinion, is one of the main actors in countering this phenomenon. We classified the powers to combat illegal migration into general and special, depending on the structural unit of the National Police of Ukraine that carries them out. The subdivision, which is directly empowered to implement state policy in the field of countering illegal migration, as well as bringing to administrative responsibility for violations of legislation in the field of registration of natural persons, issuance of documents certifying identity and confirming citizenship, belongs to the Department (Office) of the Migration Police, which includes to the criminal police. Their scope of authority includes organizational, preventive and administrative-legal measures to combat illegal migration.

The National Police of Ukraine, which is endowed with an exhaustive list of powers that currently require expansion and modernization. First of all, it is very important to coordinate the mutual activities of all subjects of combating illegal migration and to adopt relevant legal acts. Secondly, it is necessary to improve and expand the scope of powers of the Department (Office) of the Migration Police to bring to justice foreigners who violate the migration legislation of Ukraine, for quick response to administrative and criminal offenses. This article has a scientific and theoretical significance based on the relevance of illegal migration in our country and combating human trafficking as one of the factors that threaten national security and law and order.


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Author Biography

K. O. Krut, Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs

Candidate of Law.
Department of Law-Enforcement Activity and Policeistics (senior lecturer).


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Administrative Law and Procedure; Financial Law