Forensic Examination of Money and Securities

Keywords: examination, money, securities, forensic examination, document recording.


The article is focused on the peculiarities of forensic examination of money and securities. The purpose of the article is to determine the essence of forensic examination of money and securities.

It is alleged that money or securities with counterfeiting features may be found during the crime scene search or inspection. The specifics of the inspection of such objects are determined. The characteristic features of forgery are given, which should be paid attention to during the inspection. The procedure for appointing and conducting a forensic examination of money and securities has been clarified. It is noted that the examination of metal money counterfeit requires other examination. The list of questions which can be solved during carrying out examination is defined. The characteristics of the objects that should be sent for examination are given. The requirements for the expert’s opinion are given.

Counterfeit money or government securities are defined as objects produced by any person against the procedure established by the law on the relevant information sources, images of their details, design and protection elements that makes them similar to the real ones (originals).

To confirm the fact of counterfeiting of funds or securities, a forensic examination of monetary funds are assigned. While conducting technical and forensic examination of banknotes some expert tasks require a comprehensive study by using the methods of forensic documentation, the study of materials of banknotes and securities by special methods of forensic chemistry, forensic physics, etc. The main issues to be addressed during such an examination are the compliance of the security or banknote with similar securities or banknotes produced by the State Mark or the National Bank of Ukraine. The results of the expert examination should be presented and formalized in the expert’s opinion.


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Author Biography

V. S. Sezonov , Kharkiv Scientific-Research Forensic Expertise Centre

Candidate (Ph.D.) of Juridical Sciences.
Department of auto technical researchand forensic investigation of vehicles (senior forensic expert).


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