Attention! Updated headings of the collection


Starting from 2019, in accordance with the program goals (basic principles) changed in 2018, stated in the new certificates of state registration of print media, the headings (subject areas of research) of publications have been changed, in particular:

program goals (basic principles) of the collection “Bulletin of KhNUIA” are: dissemination of research results and best practices of scientific and pedagogical staff of the University and other higher educational institutions, coverage of current issues of crime combating, protection of public order and training personnel for the National Police, improvement of legal regulation of civil, labor and other relations in Ukraine, etc. The subject areas of research (headings), which would be covered in the collection, were the areas of research within the specialty 081 “Law” (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science dated from December 28, 2018 No. 1477), namely:

  • theory and philosophy of law; comparative jurisprudence; history of law and state;
  • constitutional law; municipal law;
  • civil law and civil proceedings; family law; international and legal direction in the field of private law;
  • commercial law; commercial procedural law;
  • labor law; social security law;
  • land law; agrarian law; environmental law; natural resource law;
  • administrative law and proceedings; financial law;
  • criminal law and criminology; penal law;
  • criminal proceedings and criminalistics; forensic examination; operative and search activities;
  • judicial system; prosecutor’s office and legal profession;
  • international and legal direction;
  • information law; intellectual property law;
  • national security law; military law.