Ecological and Legal Problems of Electrification of Motor Vehicles

Keywords: environmental law, battery vehicle, chemical sources of electric current, ecological safety, wastes.


The article is focused on studying the state policy, legislation and practice of its application in Ukraine regarding the use of electrified motor vehicles – battery vehicles that run on chemical sources of electric current. The purpose of the work is to determine the legal mechanisms to prevent the negative impact on the environment from the electrification of motor vehicles.

The methodological basis of the research included: comparative and legal method, which was used to study the requirements of EU and Ukrainian legislation; the method of system analysis allowed us to reveal the legal mechanisms of regulating the use of car batteries and the subsequent treatment of unusable power batteries of electric vehicles.

The result of the research was the justification of the need to: update the legislation of Ukraine on chemical sources of electric current, in the process of which one should take into account the expansion of such sources, increasing their number and, most importantly, the total mass; creation and introduction of a system of accounting for operations on supply and utilization of batteries of electric vehicles with the obligation of suppliers of such components to create an infrastructure for collection and subsequent transfer for disposal to manufacturers of batteries unfit for further operation; establishment of the presumption of environmental pollution by the owner of the electric vehicle in case of purchasing the element or the whole battery without transferring the fulfilled or damaged battery to utilization.

The results of the research can be used in law-enforcement practice to prevent the negative impact on the environment of by unusable power batteries of electric vehicles, as well as in lawmaking to improve legal mechanisms of preventing mass accumulation of used chemical sources of electric current in Ukraine.


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Author Biography

I. V. Bryhadyr, Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs

Candidate (Ph.D.) of Juridical Sciences, Docent.
Department of labor and economic law (associate professor).


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Land Law; Agrarian Law; Environmental Law; Natural Resources Law