Guarantees for Exercising and Protecting the Property Right of Internally Displaced Persons

Keywords: property right, exercise, protection, defense, legal guarantees, internally displaced persons.


The author has researched property relations of internally displaced persons, the peculiarities of which are determined by their legal status and the lack of sufficient legislative regulation to protect their property status. It has been emphasized that the realization of property rights occurs through the will and actions of the owner, which must fully comply with legal requirements, because the right of the owner to actions and the actions themselves – differ from each other. The difference between the content of a subjective right and its realization is, first of all, that the content of a subjective right covers only the possible behavior of an authorized person, and the realization of the right is a real, concrete action that leads to legal consequences. Therefore, the realization of property rights by internally displaced persons is absolute, i.e. absolute civil rights apply to an indefinite number of persons, except for the right of the owner.

The legal categories of “realization”, “protection” and “defense” have been analyzed as integral components of the property right of internally displaced persons. It has been stated that protection is the category of the normal state of existence of the subjective right, and defense is the category of the subjective right in a violated state.

It has been proved that in most cases people who have left their place of residence due to armed conflict or other forms of violence do not have a real opportunity to realize actual and sometimes legal (for example, due to the lack of proper documents on the property) possession. It indicates the need to introduce guarantees that will ensure not only the realization of property rights by internally displaced persons, but also the safety of their property. It has been offered to understand the guarantees of property rights of internally displaced persons as a set of methods, means and procedures aimed at ensuring the realization of their property rights.

The author has formulated own definition and has suggested the classification of guarantees of property rights of internally displaced persons, with their division into general and special, as well as guarantees of the realization of the rights and guarantees of protection.


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Author Biography

Z. I. Knysh, West Ukrainian National University (Ternopil)

Department of civil law and procedure (applicant).


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