• T. I. Chavykina Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs
Keywords: state service, labor legal relations, act of appropriation


Problems of determining the place of state service relations within the national legal system have been considered. The thesis that these relations are a part of the subject of labor law has been grounded. It is noted that the main criterion of the labor law subject is adjective, hired labor, and a basic element of such labor is traditionally considered an employee, who on the basis of free choice has chosen his profession, occupation, etc. and carries out his career, obeying the instructions of the employer and obeying the rules of internal labor regulations and getting wages in exchange. Analysis of the activities of state officials in state service positions indicates the similar nature of state service relations.

Scientific propositions to improve the Law of Ukraine «On State Service» dated from December 10, 2015, in particular it is suggested, following the provisions of labor law, to improve the norms of the Art. 33 of the Law. Thus, the term of appointment (in case of fixed-term appointment) with additional conditions of the act of appropriation should be moved to mandatory ones, which refers to the date of commencement of duties. Besides, additional conditions of the act of appropriation should be supplemented with warnings about non-disclosure of the state, commercial secrets and other protected by the law information.


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